Vovó Que Fez (“Made By Nana”)

A project that embraces tradition and homemade flavor with a modern twist. Throughout our journey with this brand, we provided a variety of detailed services to help it grow and stand out in the market.

Naming (Name Creation): From the start, we worked closely with the client to create the perfect name that conveyed the warm and artisanal essence of the brand. “Vovó Que Fez” was born as a memorable and suggestive identity.

Brand Identity Creation: We developed a unique and recognizable visual identity for Vovó Que Fez. From the warm logo to the colors and visual elements, every detail was designed to tell a story and attract customers.

Brand Strategy: Together with the client, we outlined a brand strategy that defined the voice, mission, and vision of Vovó Que Fez. This helped establish a solid foundation for future growth.

Packaging Design, Storefront, and Frozen Packages: We created captivating designs for product packaging, the store facade, and frozen packages. These visual elements stood out on the shelves and conveyed the unique quality and flavor of the products.

Ongoing Social Media Management: We took over the management of Vovó Que Fez’s social media, creating relevant and engaging content that strengthened the relationship with followers. This resulted in an active and interactive presence on social media.

Paid Advertising: We implemented effective advertising strategies, including paid ads, to expand the brand’s visibility and attract a wider audience. This contributed to Vovó Que Fez’s sustained growth.

Our work with Vovó Que Fez is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality services that help brands thrive and effectively tell their stories in the market.