Renting Algarve (Preview)

Renting Algarve is a company dedicated to the short-term rental market, offering a variety of apartments and local accommodations for tourists in the Algarve region. With the goal of promoting local tourism and increasing the visibility of its properties, the company sought to develop a comprehensive portal that would offer a simplified and efficient booking experience for customers.

The main challenge was to create a portal that showcased the best apartments available for short-term rental in the Algarve. The company aimed to increase the visibility of local tourism and make it easier for customers to access accommodation options available in the region.

To address this challenge, we developed a complete portal for Renting Algarve. The portal was designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, offering dedicated accommodation search features, details about amenities, attractive photo galleries, and a secure and easy-to-use payment service. Additionally, we implemented instant booking features to ensure a hassle-free booking experience for customers.

Our approach involved a detailed analysis of Renting Algarve’s needs and the short-term rental market in the Algarve. We created an interface design that showcased available properties, providing customers with an intuitive and efficient browsing experience. Furthermore, we ensured that the booking process was simple and secure by incorporating robust security measures throughout the portal.

The Renting Algarve portal represents a valuable tool for promoting local tourism and facilitating customer access to the best accommodation options in the Algarve region. With an intuitive interface, simplified booking features, and a wide variety of properties available, the portal is helping to drive growth in the short-term rental sector in the Algarve.


The main task of this project was to create a comprehensive portal that showcased the best apartments available for short-term rental in the Algarve, aiming to promote local tourism in the region.