Tania Mara Beautician

Working with Tania Mara has been an enriching experience where we brought her creative vision to life through a range of design services.

Visual Identity Creation: We crafted a unique and memorable visual identity that perfectly captured the essence of the Tania Mara brand. From the logo to the colors and typography, each element reflected Tania’s unique personality and style.

Packaging and Label Design: We created eye-catching packaging designs that enhanced Tania Mara’s products. The labels were carefully crafted to convey essential information and attract consumer attention.

Complete Stationery Set: We designed a comprehensive set of customized stationery materials, including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. This ensured a cohesive and professional identity across all of Tania Mara’s communications.


Our collaboration with Tania Mara has allowed us to bring her brand to life in a unique and elegant way, standing out in the market with distinctive designs and a visual identity that faithfully represents her creative vision.