StartShop represents a significant evolution in the cleaning and hygiene products market, offering a fully optimized online shopping experience for both the general public and cleaning companies and professionals. During our collaboration with this client, we delivered a range of services to boost their online presence and expand the reach of their e-commerce.

E-commerce Development: We created a custom e-commerce platform for StartShop, providing an intuitive and efficient shopping experience for its customers. We implemented advanced features that simplified the navigation, search, and purchase of cleaning and hygiene products, making it easier and more convenient.

Sponsored Social Media Ads: We developed highly targeted advertising strategies on social media to promote StartShop’s products to the target audience. This included creating effective campaigns to attract both individual consumers and cleaning industry businesses.

Google and LinkedIn Ads: We implemented targeted advertising campaigns on Google and LinkedIn to increase StartShop’s visibility among specific audiences. This helped the company stand out in search results and attract customers and businesses seeking high-quality cleaning and hygiene products.


Our collaboration with StartShop enabled us to create a strong and impactful presence in the cleaning and hygiene products market, providing a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform and effective advertising strategies to drive its online success. Our goal was to make StartShop the number one choice for cleaning and hygiene products, both for the general public and businesses in the industry.