Moiselle Beauty Space

A brand that embodies elegance and care for beauty. Throughout our work with this company, we offered a wide range of services to elevate its presence and impact in the market.

Naming (Name Creation): We collaborated closely with the client to create a name that was captivating and reflected the sophistication and attention to detail of their business. The result was the distinctive name “Moiselle Beauty Space.”
Visual Identity Creation: We developed a unique and distinctive visual identity for Moiselle. From logo design to color palette and typography, each element was carefully crafted to convey the elegance and professionalism of the brand.
Brand Strategy: We worked together with Moiselle’s team to create a solid brand strategy. This included clearly defining their vision, mission, and values, as well as identifying their target audience and strategic differentiation points.
Packaging and Facade Design: We created elegant designs for Moiselle’s product packaging, as well as for the beauty space facade. These visual elements stood out and conveyed the quality and class of the services provided.
Ongoing Social Media Management: We took over the management of Moiselle’s social media, creating engaging and relevant content that strengthened the connection with followers and helped build a solid online community.
Sponsored Social Media Ads: We implemented effective advertising strategies, including sponsored ads, to increase brand visibility and attract a wider and more qualified audience.

Our work with Moiselle Beauty Space is an example of our commitment to providing high-quality services that help brands stand out and thrive in the beauty and personal care market.


The challenge was to create the "Moiselle Beauty Space" brand, conveying elegance and sophistication. This included creating a name, visual identity, brand strategy, attractive design, social media management, and advertising. The goal was to position the brand as a leader in the beauty sector.