MeuVer Optical Accessories

An optical experience beyond mere sight. During our collaboration with this brand, we provided a wide range of services to boost its market presence and enhance customer experience.

  • Naming (Name Creation): We collaborated on creating the name “MeuVer,” conveying the idea of a personal and customer-centric optical experience, where vision becomes a unique journey.
  • Visual Identity Creation: We developed a unique and recognizable visual identity for MeuVer. This included logo design, color selection, and visual elements that conveyed the quality and confidence associated with the brand.
  • Brand Strategy: We worked together with the MeuVer team to define a strong brand strategy, incorporating the company’s mission, vision, and values, as well as identifying its target audience and strategic positioning.
  • Online Presence Development: We built a strong online presence for MeuVer, ensuring that the brand could be easily found by customers through online searches and social media.
  • E-commerce Development: We launched a custom e-commerce platform, allowing customers to conveniently and securely purchase MeuVer products and services online.
  • Packaging and Storefront Design: We conceived attractive designs for product packaging and the physical store facade, emphasizing the quality and style of the offered products.
  • Continuous Social Media Management: We took over the management of MeuVer’s social media, creating engaging and informative content that strengthened the relationship with followers and promoted the brand.
  • Sponsored Social Media Ads: We implemented social media advertising strategies to increase MeuVer’s visibility and attract a broader and more interested audience.

The challenge was to create a distinctive brand that conveyed trust and quality in the optical sector. This involved creating a unique visual identity and implementing online marketing strategies, including social media management and paid advertising. We also had to develop an e-commerce presence to meet the needs of online customers. Our goal was to position MeuVer as a top optical choice, offering a complete and convenient shopping experience to customers, both online and offline.

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    Brand Design, Art Direction

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