Demace Customizable Furniture

Demace is a company specialized in selling high-quality custom furniture and home décor, boasting years of market experience. However, they recently embarked on digital sales and lacked a solid online presence.

The Challenge: The company had a very manual sales process and didn’t offer customers the opportunity to view and purchase products from anywhere. This made it difficult to reach audiences unfamiliar with the brand or its services. They needed an e-commerce development team to work with them throughout the entire process – from research and design to implementation – to create a layout that highlighted not only products but also interior design services.

The Solution: We provided e-commerce development services, digital sales optimization, loyalty programs, improved sales management, the best UI/UX design for their website, and CMS integration for better inventory control, offering a seamless online shopping experience optimized for search, navigation, and checkout.

Approach: We started by delving deep into the brand, its history, and its values. Then, we created an e-commerce platform that would serve both professionals and resellers as well as regular customers. We wanted our design to highlight not only products but also interior design services, so we created a layout that allowed visitors to easily find what they needed while exploring options to redesign their space or purchase furniture directly from Demace’s designer line.

Personas: The target audience includes architects, furniture resellers, new homeowners, interior designers, décor enthusiasts, custom furniture buyers, and basically anyone needing help with their personal or professional space!

Results: This e-commerce development helped solve all these problems and achieve the following results: increased brand awareness, revenue growth, more online sales, even more repeat customers, and an enhanced digital presence. The company also added value to its services and products by integrating a design system on its website, enabling better inventory control and facilitating user navigation in product searches on the site.

The checkout process was optimized to be quick and frictionless – leading to a 44% increase in sales! And, since our loyalty program made it easier for people who enjoy shopping on the Demace website to continue doing so over time, these customers became even more valuable: the return rate is now over 80%!

Making Everything Count: In just six months since implementing their new e-commerce platform and conducting data research and improvements, the company has seen significant results, such as increased brand awareness (42%), revenue growth (55%), more online sales (44%), and even more repeat customers (83%).


Creating a furniture and décor brand that stands out in the market, conveying sophistication and style, was our mission. Through the development of a distinct visual identity and the implementation of online marketing strategies, including social media management and paid advertising, we successfully positioned Demace as a leader in the industry. Our aim was to provide a unique and elegant experience to customers, both online and in physical stores.